Code of Conduct

This is how we work and conduct ourselves

Integrity and professionalism are the basic prerequisites for our day-to-day activities, allowing us to achieve optimal performance and to produce top-quality products for our clients, suppliers and business partners.

Our code of conduct contains fundamental principles that form the basis for our activities and that are binding to all employees of HMC – Haas Marketing & Communications.

As per the definition of Transparency International, we understand corruption as the issue of entrusted power for private ends or personal gain.

We treat all people with respect and consider them to have equal status and worthy of dignity.  Equal opportunities for all people is an important issue for us. We refute everything that can be considered to be harassment, misuse, discrimination, intimidation or exploitation.  We respect other cultures and avoid inappropriate behaviour that may insult other people’s beliefs.

We carry out our tasks fairly, efficiently and professionally.  We support each other as much as possible and communicate respectfully and objectively with each other and with our partners.  Our work is documented and thus traceable.

We follow Austrian law as well as the laws of other countries where we are active.

We create no dishonest gain from our activities, neither for ourselves nor for others.  We demand neither gifts nor “favours”, and accept no promises.  Regional business practices can, however, bring a moderate exchange of perks.  HaasMarketing has set a value of  €200 excluding VAT as a limit for this, either for accepting or for giving a gift.  Perks over and above this limit require the approval of the management and are accompanied by an explanation.

At the first sign, conflicts of interest are disclosed to our business partners and colleagues (e.g. private relationships with relevant customers and/or business partners).  Private lives and business are kept apart.

We remain loyal to our employers and our clients and are discrete and confidential with internal information.  Statements for the public and the media are always agreed upon with the employer unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

As far as sustainable development is concerned, we act responsibly and diligently towards the environment and with natural resources.  We use positive potential for environmental protection, in procurement and for the reduction of emissions and avoid the unnecessary use of energy and resources.  We actively support these basic tenets externally and encourage their implementation through our partners.

Any ambiguities concerning the implementation of these basic tenets are clarified on a case-by-case basis with the management.  Should any justified suspicions concerning a breach of the code of conduct arise, then these are immediately laid before the management.  All information is carefully examined by the management and treated confidentially if required.  For the protection of the staff, the principle that any accusations must be conclusive and verifiable applies.

Our clients, suppliers and business partners may also turn to the management if they have justified suspicions about a breach of conduct.  The principle that any accusations must be conclusive and verifiable also applies here.

The management decides upon any potential consequences should a breach of the code of conduct occur.  These may be consequences arising from industrial law or of a legal nature arising from criminal law.

Status as of: February 2019